How to attach your face shield to a hard hat or visor

Step 1

Parts needed for one face shield: Clips – 3pc Shield – 1 pc

Step 2

Insert the first clip in the center of the helmet visor

Step 3

Place the other 2 clips Approximately where the arrows are pointing

Step 4

Snap the middle cutout of the shield on the central clip

Step 5

Snap the other side cutouts of the shield on each side clip

Step 6

Helmet with face shield ready to use

Provide workers with the peace of mind needed in times like these Clear-Vu Medical’s hard hat attachable face shields serve as a first line of defense by protecting workers’ eyes, noses and mouths from airborne droplets that may contain viruses and other pathogens. By covering an individual’s face completely, these PPE face shields also protect other people around the wearer from any illnesses they may be carrying.

• Protective shield comprised of thin polymer film remains
lightweight yet extremely durable
• Attachable hooks to enable workers to add a PPE to their
existing equipment
• Wraparound design provides sealed protection
• Adequate room for N95 mask, goggles, and glasses
FDA registered

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